Dave's news links

This site contains links to news sources around the world. This list is rather eclectic, as are my interests. But it should give you a good idea of who is reporting what.

I have divided the news sources into three groups:

  1. Global news sources, those that have a reputation for original reporting worldwide;

  2. Regional news sources, those that are based in and focus on specific nations or regions;

    1. Africa

    1. Asia

    1. Europe

    1. North America

    1. Pacific

  3. Scientific and environmental news sources.

To report errors or suggest other sources, please e-mail me.

Global news services

Agence France-Presse

AFP - Wire Stories

The Associated Press

AP Top International News

AP Top U.S. News

AP Top Health News

AP Top Science News

British Broadcasting Corporation

BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

BBC News | Africa | World Edition

BBC News | Americas | World Edition

BBC News | Asia-Pacific | World Edition

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

BBC News | Middle East | World Edition

BBC News | South Asia | World Edition

BBC News | UK | World Edition

BBC News | Health | World Edition

BBC News | Science/Nature | World Edition

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CBC | Top Stories News

CBC | Canadian News

CBC | World News

CBC | Health & Science News

Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories

Christian Science Monitor | USA

Christian Science Monitor | World

Christian Science Monitor | Sci/Tech

Cable News Network


CNN.com - U.S.

CNN.com - World

CNN.com - Health

CNN.com - Science & Space

Google News

Google News - Top Stories

Google News - U.S.

Google News - World

climate change - Google News

environment - Google News

Google News - Health

Google News - Sci/Tech

weather - Google News

International Herald Tribune

International Herald Tribune

Africa & Middle East - International Herald Tribune

Americas - International Herald Tribune

Asia - Pacific - International Herald Tribune

Europe - International Herald Tribune

Health & Science - International Herald Tribune

New York Times

NYT > Home Page

NYT > International

NYT > National

NYT > Washington

NYT > Health

NYT > Obituaries

NYT > Science


Reuters: Top News

Reuters: US Domestic News

Reuters: World

Reuters: Health

Reuters: Oddly Enough

Reuters: Science

Reuters: Technology

Washington Post

washingtonpost.com - Today's Highlights

washingtonpost.com - A Section

washingtonpost.com - washingtonpost.com - US government, national security, science and national news and headlines.

washingtonpost.com - washingtonpost.com - world news, opinion and headlines.

washingtonpost.com - Africa

washingtonpost.com - Americas

washingtonpost.com - Asia/Pacific

washingtonpost.com - Europe

washingtonpost.com - Middle East

washingtonpost.com - Metro

washingtonpost.com - Virginia

washingtonpost.com - Health

washingtonpost.com - Hurricanes

washingtonpost.com - Obituaries

washingtonpost.com - Science

Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News: Top Stories

Yahoo! News: U.S. National

Yahoo! News: World News

Yahoo! News: Climate Change

Yahoo! News: Health News

Yahoo! News: Mideast Conflict

Yahoo! News: Obituaries

Yahoo! News: Science News

Regional news services



AllAfrica News: Latest

AllAfrica News: Central Africa

AllAfrica News: East Africa

AllAfrica News: North Africa

AllAfrica News: PanAfrica

AllAfrica News: Southern Africa

AllAfrica News: West Africa

AllAfrica News: Climate

AllAfrica News: Ecotourism

AllAfrica News: Environment

AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine

AllAfrica News: HIV-AIDS

AllAfrica News: Human Rights

AllAfrica News: Malaria

AllAfrica News: Oceans and Rivers

AllAfrica News: Religion

AllAfrica News: Science and Biotechnology

AllAfrica News: Wildlife

The Independent (South Africa)

IOL: News

IOL: South Africa

IOL: Africa

IOL: Central Africa

IOL: East Africa

IOL: North Africa

IOL: West Africa

IOL: World

IOL: Asia

IOL: Australia And NZ

IOL: Europe

IOL: Middle East

IOL: North America

IOL: South America

IOL: SciTech

IOL: Discovery

IOL: Environment

IOL: Health

IOL: Medical

IOL: SciTech Environment

IOL: Space

Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

Mail & Guardian Online


Antara News Agency (Indonesia)

ANTARA - General News

ANTARA - Environment News

The Daily Star (Lebanon)

The Daily Star > Local News




Jewish World

Jerusalem Post

JPost.com Front Page Top Stories

JPost.com Middle East

JPost.com Jewish News

The Times of India

The Times Of India - India

The Times Of India - Pakistan

The Times Of India - Indo-Pak Ties

The Times Of India - The United States

Xinhua News Agency (PRC)

Latest Headlines

China News

World News




Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle: DW-WORLD.DE - Top Stories

Deutsche Welle: DW-.WORLD.DE - News

Deutsche Welle: DW-WORLD.DE

Deutsche Welle: DW-WORLD.DE - Europe

Deutsche Welle: DW-WORLD.DE - Germany

The Guardian (UK)

Guardian Unlimited

Guardian Unlimited UK Latest

Guardian Unlimited World Latest

Guardian Unlimited Science

The Independent (UK)





The Irish Times' Top Stories

The Irish Times' World Top Stories

The Irish Times' Science Today Top Stories

Radio Telefís Éireann

RTÉ News

The Scotsman (UK)

Scotsman.com News - Latest News - UK

Scotsman.com News







The Telegraph (UK)

Telegraph News | Breaking News

Telegraph News | Front Page News

Telegraph News | International News

Telegraph News | UK News

Telegraph Health

The Times (UK)

TimesOnline: Britain

TimesOnline: World

North America

Baltimore Sun

baltimoresun.com - News

baltimoresun.com - Nation/World

Boston Globe

Boston Globe -- Front Page

Boston Globe -- City/Region News

Boston Globe -- National News

Boston Globe -- World News

Boston Globe -- Health and Science

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune news - Local news

Chicago Tribune news - Nation/World

Denver Post

Breaking Nation/World News

Latin America News

All National News


Globe and Mail (Canada)

The Globe and Mail - International News

The Globe and Mail - National News

The Globe and Mail - Science and Health News

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times - National News

Los Angeles Times - World News

Los Angeles Times - Environment

Los Angeles Times - Obituaries

Los Angeles Times - Science & Medicine

Miami Herald

News -- MiamiHerald.com

News: Americas -- MiamiHerald.com

News: Canada -- MiamiHerald.com

News: Cuba -- MiamiHerald.com

News: Haiti -- MiamiHerald.com

News: Nation -- MiamiHerald.com

News: World -- MiamiHerald.com

Health -- MiamiHerald.com

News: Environment -- MiamiHerald.com

National Public Radio

NPR Topics: Nation

NPR Topics: World

NPR Topics: Health & Science

The Oklahoman

NewsOk.com - Oklahoma City

NewsOk.com - East Metro

NewsOk.com - North Metro

NewsOk.com - South Metro

NewsOk.com - West Metro

NewsOk.com - Oklahoma

Providence Journal

Projo.com Projo Local News

Projo.com Metro

Projo.com East Bay

Projo.com Northwest

Projo.com South County

Projo.com West Bay

San Francisco Chronicle

SFGate: Top News Stories

SFGate: Bay Area News Stories

SFGate: Books

USA Today

USATODAY.com News - Top Stories

USATODAY.com Nation - Top Stories

USATODAY.com World - Top Stories

USATODAY.com Health - Top Stories

USATODAY.com Science and Space - Top Stories

USATODAY.com Weather - Top Stories

The Weather Guys


Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

New Zealand Herald

New Zealand Herald - National News

New Zealand Herald - World News

New Zealand Herald - Climate Change

New Zealand Herald - Conservation & Environment

New Zealand Herald - Natural disasters

New Zealand Herald - Technology & Science

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines

The Sydney Morning Herald National Headlines

The Sydney Morning Herald World Headlines

Science/Environment News

Environmental News Network

ENN Headline News

ENN Agriculture News

ENN Alternative Energy

ENN Business Headlines

ENN Conservation

ENN Ecosystems

ENN ENN Commentary

ENN Press News

ENN Science Industry

ENN Water Resources

ENN Week In Review

ENN WildLife

Environmental Health News

Environmental Health News

Environmental Health News - Childrens Health

Environmental Health News - Climate Change

Environmental Health News - Drinking Water

Environmental Health News - Pesticides

Environmental Health News - Environmental Politics

National Geographic

National Geographic News

National Geographic Magazine

New Scientist

New Scientist - Latest Headlines

New Scientist - Asian Tsunami Disaster

New Scientist - Being Human

New Scientist - Climate Change

New Scientist - Drugs and Alcohol

New Scientist - Earth

New Scientist - Fundamentals

New Scientist - Health

New Scientist - Living World

New Scientist - Space


Science: This Week's News